stylo's Journal

Fly By Uploaded: 09/01/16 5:57 PM GMT

Image: Fly By

Sandhill Crane in the back 40

Sandhill Crane Uploaded: 08/29/16 11:46 PM GMT

Image: Sandhill Crane

Butterfly Effect III Uploaded: 08/29/16 8:19 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly Effect III

one more..the end! (for now anyways)

Butterfly Effect II Uploaded: 08/28/16 10:44 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly Effect II

Just another somewhat like the other

Butterfly Effect I Uploaded: 08/28/16 8:38 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly Effect I

Just a Swallowtail hangin out on the butterfly bush. hard to capture one that is'nt all beat up.

cold cold night Uploaded: 08/20/16 5:30 PM GMT

Image: cold cold night

Cyclops Silo Uploaded: 08/18/16 7:24 AM GMT

Image: Cyclops Silo

Got a giggle out of this one on the side of a barn silo, just couldnt pass it up :)

Here's your brain on moonshine! any questions?

Over Rose Lake Uploaded: 08/12/16 5:44 PM GMT

Image: Over Rose Lake

just a little something for FF

IMG_9465 Uploaded: 08/06/16 3:26 PM GMT

Image: IMG_9465

Foot Bridge In the Fog Uploaded: 07/31/16 5:17 PM GMT

Image: Foot Bridge In the Fog

Fire II Uploaded: 07/31/16 3:30 PM GMT

Image: Fire II

decided to do a little editing on this one after all. bored i suppose :|


Gail Road Bridge Uploaded: 07/30/16 5:11 PM GMT

Image: Gail Road Bridge

When Will Stylo Return? Uploaded: 07/27/16 6:30 AM GMT

Image: When Will Stylo Return?

HEEERE'S YOUR SIGN! This is not a manip. an actually sign in town...hehe! too funny, i had to do it:)

It's nice to see the turn out in the POV contest...To all of you i didnt get to comment on your entries? Good Luck To You!...glad you joined in for the fun :)

still on hiatus till further notice.


The River Bend Uploaded: 07/25/16 6:57 AM GMT

Image: The River Bend

Pegasus Uploaded: 07/21/16 4:34 PM GMT

Image: Pegasus

Big Red Uploaded: 07/21/16 4:26 AM GMT

Image: Big Red

Rail Roaded Uploaded: 07/20/16 3:08 AM GMT

Image: Rail Roaded

Rose in the Rain Uploaded: 07/10/16 3:00 AM GMT

Image: Rose in the Rain

I had this one up before but wasnt happy with a few things, fixed now :) ENJOY...sorry no song

Let it Grow Uploaded: 07/10/16 2:34 AM GMT

Image: Let it Grow

Thought i would try my luck on another flower. hope it holds up to you ladies standards :| im trying...


Sharon Mills 2 Uploaded: 07/09/16 5:50 AM GMT

Image: Sharon Mills 2

Still bored!

Sometimes i just like to play around with a little homegrown HDR. little play with dodge, burn, saturation tools. this was taken a few days later up stream from the foot bridge you can see here

As some already know about me, I will leave a link to a song in my post. its just something i was listening to when i finished the piece up. nothing more or less! its always linked to this word...