stylo's Journal

Pegasus Uploaded: 07/21/16 4:34 PM GMT

Image: Pegasus

Big Red Uploaded: 07/21/16 4:26 AM GMT

Image: Big Red

Rail Roaded Uploaded: 07/20/16 3:08 AM GMT

Image: Rail Roaded

Rose in the Rain Uploaded: 07/10/16 3:00 AM GMT

Image: Rose in the Rain

I had this one up before but wasnt happy with a few things, fixed now :) ENJOY...sorry no song

Let it Grow Uploaded: 07/10/16 2:34 AM GMT

Image: Let it Grow

Thought i would try my luck on another flower. hope it holds up to you ladies standards :| im trying...


Sharon Mills 2 Uploaded: 07/09/16 5:50 AM GMT

Image: Sharon Mills 2

Still bored!

Sometimes i just like to play around with a little homegrown HDR. little play with dodge, burn, saturation tools. this was taken a few days later up stream from the foot bridge you can see here

As some already know about me, I will leave a link to a song in my post. its just something i was listening to when i finished the piece up. nothing more or less! its always linked to this word...


Morning Moon Uploaded: 07/09/16 4:44 AM GMT

Image: Morning Moon

I was bored and couldnt sleep. figure this sight isnt far off from showing up after the storms we had last night.


Sun Halo Uploaded: 07/01/16 5:31 AM GMT

Image: Sun Halo

Yes, its real! it happen mid day right over head. had to dial all the way back to 18mm to capture. this pic was not cropped so it gives you some idea how big it was. Taking some pictures with a friend one afternoon when we noticed it. so i do have a witness it happen if you dont believe me? :)

Magenta Iris Uploaded: 06/29/16 11:41 PM GMT

Image: Magenta Iris

I kind of like this flower thing :) a subject i just really never took much interest in until now. maybe I'll play some more...idk, i get bored and side tracked very easily. ENJOY!

Iris (purple) Uploaded: 06/28/16 4:48 AM GMT

Image: Iris (purple)



I would much rather lose with an off-topic picture, then win with a picture of forced and controlled(not by the people) topic

Moon Over Brooklyn Uploaded: 06/25/16 6:25 PM GMT

Image: Moon Over Brooklyn

Double Reflection Uploaded: 06/20/16 3:06 AM GMT

Image: Double Reflection

ZOOM! Uploaded: 06/19/16 2:45 AM GMT

Image: ZOOM!

Good Morning Uploaded: 06/04/16 10:17 PM GMT

Image: Good Morning

Tunnel To Tranquility Uploaded: 05/28/16 2:57 AM GMT

Image: Tunnel To Tranquility

Early morning creeping in the woods of serenity.

Sharon Mills Uploaded: 05/23/16 12:18 AM GMT

Image: Sharon Mills

stroll in the park