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Golden Foot Bridge Uploaded: 09/11/16 12:28 AM GMT

Image: Golden Foot Bridge

Fade Uploaded: 09/07/16 10:16 PM GMT

Image: Fade

Dawn of the Dead Uploaded: 09/03/16 1:03 PM GMT

Image: Dawn of the Dead

Looming out in the distance to the left is the Hospital downtown. i know because I've been admitted there several times. awaken one morning by this peaceful glow coming in through the window just before day break, or was it? all sense of time had been lost by then. I could not help but to gaze out over the city at the horizon glowing. it was then i noticed something strange by the old train depot but too far to see clearly. in the days to come i was soon discharged from the hospital, just before dawn! I had my camera with me and decided to go investigate.

It's dawn now, just before day break, its time to collect the souls! i soon found out what it was i seen that morning just before sunrise. it seems now i was not discharged after all, i was released! it appears my ride is here, so i must leave now! or do i have to? it could very well be my vanishing point beyond return!


23 layers, 6 adjustment layers, with layer masking. Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Photomatix Pro 5 used.

ALL of the pictures that made up this photo(which are many) came from my 2 camera's only! this was once up before, made a few changes.

Two Cranes Uploaded: 09/01/16 6:09 PM GMT

Image: Two Cranes

there are some Pic's you just cant seem to let go for some odd reason, this would be one of those.

the orig was horrible, yet the experience to get close was too cool! the picture came out drap 2D pasty looking thing.

there is no HDR software here like most would think. this was done before i discovered HDR. just hours of play in photoshop with level, contrast, color correction. then a lot of dodge,burn, saturation not to bad so i posted it. this thing has been in a folder done for atleast 4 years. its never seen Caedes...i dont think anyways.

Fly By Uploaded: 09/01/16 5:57 PM GMT

Image: Fly By

Sandhill Crane in the back 40

Sandhill Crane Uploaded: 08/29/16 11:46 PM GMT

Image: Sandhill Crane

Butterfly Effect III Uploaded: 08/29/16 8:19 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly Effect III

one more..the end! (for now anyways)

Butterfly Effect II Uploaded: 08/28/16 10:44 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly Effect II

Just another somewhat like the other

Butterfly Effect I Uploaded: 08/28/16 8:38 PM GMT

Image: Butterfly Effect I

Just a Swallowtail hangin out on the butterfly bush. hard to capture one that is'nt all beat up.

cold cold night Uploaded: 08/20/16 5:30 PM GMT

Image: cold cold night

Cyclops Silo Uploaded: 08/18/16 7:24 AM GMT

Image: Cyclops Silo

Got a giggle out of this one on the side of a barn silo, just couldnt pass it up :)

Here's your brain on moonshine! any questions?

Over Rose Lake Uploaded: 08/12/16 5:44 PM GMT

Image: Over Rose Lake

just a little something for FF

IMG_9465 Uploaded: 08/06/16 3:26 PM GMT

Image: IMG_9465

Foot Bridge In the Fog Uploaded: 07/31/16 5:17 PM GMT

Image: Foot Bridge In the Fog

Fire II Uploaded: 07/31/16 3:30 PM GMT

Image: Fire II

decided to do a little editing on this one after all. bored i suppose :|


Gail Road Bridge Uploaded: 07/30/16 5:11 PM GMT

Image: Gail Road Bridge

When Will Stylo Return? Uploaded: 07/27/16 6:30 AM GMT

Image: When Will Stylo Return?

HEEERE'S YOUR SIGN! This is not a manip. an actually sign in town...hehe! too funny, i had to do it:)

It's nice to see the turn out in the POV contest...To all of you i didnt get to comment on your entries? Good Luck To You!...glad you joined in for the fun :)

still on hiatus till further notice.


The River Bend Uploaded: 07/25/16 6:57 AM GMT

Image: The River Bend

Pegasus Uploaded: 07/21/16 4:34 PM GMT

Image: Pegasus

Big Red Uploaded: 07/21/16 4:26 AM GMT

Image: Big Red