vlad421's Journal

East Swell Uploaded: 06/18/10 1:18 PM GMT

Image: East Swell

East Side Oahu, the storm blowing in kicked up quite a swell out on the reef, and the surfers were stoked about the 12ft clean sets. Re-Uploading this image because I had a bit of noise in the last. Sorry to everyone who commented on the previous image! Please feel free to comment / critique! thank you, and ALOHA

Glassy Wave Uploaded: 11/24/07 2:23 AM GMT

Image: Glassy Wave

In the water with my 10d. format for 16:10 widescreen monitors. This was captured in the early morning on an east facing beach. Thanks to everyone for all the comments! 02/01/10

THis turned out to be my most popular photo... thankyou to everyone who commented or voted on it or downladed it! im glad that over 8,000 people have got to see this now. Better than stuck in my archive folder on my old desktop! I will b trying to take more wave pics soon with me new underwater housing! ALOHA