wheedance's Journal

Monarch on Cone Flower Uploaded: 08/19/11 11:24 PM GMT

Image: Monarch on Cone Flower

Monarchs are my passion! We have worked on building up a butterfly garden in our yard and this year we have more monarchs than ever. I raise the caterpillars I find in the garden in a little butterfly house and this year we'll have at least 13 - a record! I'm working on a video of the life cycle of the monarch from egg to butterfly and when it's ready I'll post on youtube and link here.

Sunrise Mist Uploaded: 10/09/09 7:42 PM GMT

Image: Sunrise Mist

I love foggy, misty mornings!

Entwined Uploaded: 10/02/09 7:03 PM GMT

Image: Entwined

36 years ago my sweetheart asked me to marry him. I said yes! He made me a garden, too! Where these lovely lilies grew.

Shooting Stars Uploaded: 09/30/09 2:13 PM GMT

Image: Shooting Stars

You must view full screen to get the effect. This is for the night time contest since you can only do this at night. This summer we had fun playing around with long exposures and drawing with light. I added the stars (another photo we took) to the archer. If you want to see more family fun we had with it you can check out Sparkler Art This is a lot harder to do than you think. You have to remember where you have drawn because of course you don't see it until the camera shows you the final result!