wintermoon's Journal

We're Off to See the Wizard Uploaded: 07/16/10 12:32 AM GMT

Image: We're Off to See the Wizard

OK, at least the first two words are accurate, lol. When the wizard left the Emerald City in his hot air balloon, he gave up a prime piece of real estate in Oz. Once back in Kansas, he found he missed his palace so much, he decided to build a new one. And it's finally finished. So walk on up and knock on the door. And tell him the Cowardly Lion sent ya, lol.

Rainbow Falls Uploaded: 07/01/10 2:50 PM GMT

Image: Rainbow Falls

OK, I know this one looks good on a desktop, because I already have it on mine, lol. Enjoy, and everyone have a good day. To those who comment, thanks!

Waterlilies by Moonlight Uploaded: 06/22/10 4:41 PM GMT

Image: Waterlilies by Moonlight

Well, I'm finally back to making fractals. Sort of, lol. View it full screen please, and enjoy.