Caedes Comment "Cred"

When you read a good comment, you may have the option of giving the author of that comment credit (or "cred") for a job well-done. This is one way that we can promote quality community discussion. Every comment on the site is eligible for cred, and the number of credits for a given comment is printed just below the comment. Next to this may be an icon of two plus signs. By clicking this icon, you can give the author credit for the comment. The icon will only appear when you are able to give cred. You have a fixed number of credits that they can given out per day, and this number is increased with the number of credits that you earn from other people for good comments.

The symbol for Caedes Cred is "∈" (e.g. 34∈). You can type this symbol into comments using the character sequence "∈".


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