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01/23/21 3:20 PM GMT
Using a dark room or a dark scene, use a light to emphasize elements of a scene or paint with the light directly.
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Jeff Hamilton
01/23/21 4:08 PM GMT
"Put It Into The Main," take a look at the pictures of your fellow artists from 2020, that inspired you, that you loved and faved. And if it isn't in the Main already, then enter it into the contest. Winners should be elevated by a mod into the Main.
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01/26/21 7:12 AM GMT
I'm going to keep suggesting this until it happens:):) TOPIC: What is it?
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02/08/21 11:11 AM GMT
What kind of art would you suggest that would go along with "What is happening to Caedes?"?
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When fear comes to me I will stubbornly choose Faith Instead!!!!

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