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Ended 04/25/11 2:15 PM GMT
Winner: fogz (See the full results)

1st place
Millennium Bridge, Salford Quays by fogz

J_E_F: Very professional. Stunning clarity.

tee: Abundant lines in this one, Patti! Your framing is spot on and I love all the blue. Pretty nice reflections too - great work as usual -

japio: Wow !!
great shot!
succes in the contest!

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2nd place
Bridge to nowhere 2 by coram9

mesmerized: I saw your first one...the addition of the lone figure really adds something...great work, of luck.

purmusic: Nicely done, Chris.

I did have the benefit of being able to see your image here, creative predecessor. And the changes/additions are indeed marked improvements in pulling the various imagery elements/facets together.

Particularly like the additional lighting in the lower right-hand side ... in and amongst that part of the terrestrial terrain.


The flare/celestial body.

Think I prefer the original on the notes of the brightness values.

The filled in depressions on the 'walkway'.

In my humble opinion, think you could have left some more delineation (revealed more of, in short) and light on/in those areas.

Although, since this is a work of sci-fi fantasy ... certainly not out of the realm of creativity with the rest of your piece. Simply trying to reference, in my mind, the dominant light source(s) and how they would fall/light ... that part of the landscape.

/\ Couldn't very well cheat you out of some words, now could I?

... ...

Don't answer that.


It is a good good piece. Markedly improved over the original and well deserving of it's place in the contest.

Congratulations and thank you for sharing this one with us. :o)

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4th place
Bridges in Beijing by roxanapaduraru

slushie: Well framed and balanced, loverly capture

solita17: Great concept... and a great capture!

cynlee: Beautiful. Looks like a winner to me.

luckyshot: Roxana - The series of bridges are fine. Adding the reflections and the scene is magical! Thad

5th place
Wooden bridge by japio

roxanapaduraru: Great sunset and I love the reflection of the bridge !Good luck in the current contest!

amishy: Beautiful capture! The sunset and reflections really set this lovely bridge off! Your composition is superb here! :)Ami