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Ended 03/08/13 8:15 PM GMT
Winner: roxanapaduraru (See the full results)

1st place
Waves by roxanapaduraru

Nikoneer: I don't believe it's plywood; there's only three layers per unit and I'm not seeing any cross-grain in any of the layers. It's either a sculpture created from stacks of contour-cut laminated sheets of wood, or someplace where these forms have been fabricated and stacked, waiting for delivery. Or... it could be something that completely escapes me, which is normally the case.

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2nd place
What It Is by Eubeen

Ryanshobby: It looks like fungus growing off of a tree?

nuke88: im stumped wendell!

Starglow: I have an idea about it, but I'll wait to see if I'm right. Cool photo.

Nikoneer: Those are either drops of fluid or air bubbles (in which case, you turned the image upside-down, you sneaky Pete), but I'm thinking fluid. Whatever it is, it looks quite viscous, with a thick stickiness to it, evidenced by the elongation of some of the drops... something plain water doesn't normally do. Is it maybe sap in the bole of a tree?


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3rd place
Bright & Bold by Nikoneer

rvdb: Congrats on your win nice work.


ro_and: looks like kind of an instrument or windchimes maybe....fantastic picture...Ro

LynEve: A really attractive burst of metallic colour.
The dangly bits look like weights so guessing some sort of weighing equipment.

4th place
Wooden __________? by Fifthbeatle

Flmngseabass: Part of a chair????? i guess we'll all know soon:) Great shot Dan!!!!!!

bfrank: Congratulations on your contest placement.

ro_and: cage maybe, lobster no, maybe something to put hay into to feed animals....or rabbitcage.....hard to see indeed, well done...Ro

5th place
a puzzle by ekowalska

rvdb: Congrats on your win good work.


captaindrewi: Something unearthly,it's very good whatever it is.

J_E_F: I think comedian Les Dawson would have had a whole repertoire of mother-in-law jokes based upon this image. :)