Close-Up of M27, the Dumbbell Nebula  

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Uploaded: 11/22/03 7:02 PM GMT
Close-Up of M27, the Dumbbell Nebula
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Credit: NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)


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11/22/03 7:22 PM GMT
wow... Just amazing!
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11/22/03 7:25 PM GMT
Is the black bands around the edges distracting? I don't know if it works or not, If you crop and resize the image, it loses some of it's impact, so I decided to stick to the original on a black background.
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11/22/03 8:01 PM GMT
I know u're problem Crusader.. had the same problem 2 sometimes.
and no, I ain't distract it...!
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11/22/03 8:30 PM GMT
no, it's not disturbing. We can focus more on the image this way
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11/22/03 8:56 PM GMT
Great. Now I know what to do with some of the other one's I've got. Thanx for the input.
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11/23/03 2:46 PM GMT
oh!very nice^^
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11/24/03 1:05 PM GMT
Wow, that really is beautiful... as blue as the waters around a tropical island... magnificent. Fancy giving it such a dull name, "I have travelled 20,000 light years to Earth, from... ahem... the dumbbell nebula"...
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-Everyone is entitled to my opinion-
11/25/03 11:42 PM GMT
note the blue...its the same blue as our sky....only less dense....maybe there is moisure?
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You laugh because im diffrent i laugh because you're all the same
11/29/03 12:58 AM GMT
Very nice,and agree with Cain.
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carpe diem
01/16/04 1:45 AM GMT
nice picture
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05/07/04 2:33 AM GMT
Personally, I prefer to leave the image in its original resolution; that way each user can choose whether to display it stretched or with a filled-in background. I don't suppose Caedes supports odd resolutions like that, though, so I guess I'd go with the black background, too.
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05/29/04 9:00 AM GMT
just beautiful...
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06/12/06 7:21 PM GMT
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03/14/07 5:42 PM GMT
Absolutely beautiful
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08/05/07 5:35 AM GMT
It looks like the ceiling of Hogwarts! It's a good picture.
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11/18/07 11:06 PM GMT
i find it so hard to believe that this is all out's incredible...I hope we can go to space soon!
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