She fell into some paint  

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Uploaded: 03/10/11 6:33 PM GMT
She fell into some paint
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oil on paper which will probably seep into whatever is behind this picture at some point. did not gesso because this picture started as a sketch i was drawing while i was waiting for someone in a store. i don't think she minds about the lack of gesso. prob cares more about the heavy blush


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03/10/11 7:53 PM GMT
Nice work very nice work.

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03/10/11 8:27 PM GMT
danke Rob :)
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03/10/11 9:42 PM GMT
Excellent. Only wish it was canvas. Had to look at it twice. Good job!

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03/10/11 9:43 PM GMT
You are great talented. Congratulations.
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03/11/11 8:41 AM GMT
Glad to know I'm not the only one covered in paint today, though I did manage to keep the coverage to my hands. I love the expression in her eyes and face. Nice work.
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03/14/11 5:49 AM GMT
Oil on paper does that huh? But the end result is just super! I gave up oils because they just seem to get everywhere! A well done work of art!
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03/19/11 5:28 PM GMT
This is cool...Thanks for sharing...
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03/31/11 8:08 AM GMT
she fell into some paint...

i have waited long..walked these paths along...
silence that numb, memories will come..
fragrances afloat.. poetic words in a note..
i have seen it in your eyes..truth hidden in lies..
tears heap up..words fail their purpose..
secrets in heart are read well..for tears that fell..
she fell into some paint..

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