The Boogie Man  

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Uploaded: 06/13/06 5:32 PM GMT
The Boogie Man
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Had terrible dreams of this guy when I was a kid.Heard he's still out there. So watch your back cause he's comin to get cha...


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06/13/06 6:40 PM GMT
Hey Bill that's not a nice thing to say about my brother.....hehehehe. Great fractral. Love the design and best of luck for the contest.
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Suicide is man's way of tell God "YOU CAN'T FIRE ME I QUIT."
06/13/06 7:05 PM GMT
Cool! It reminds me of the Nazgul Witch King off of the LOTR movies, just the way the spikes stick up. Great work, and good luck in the contest!
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Deal with reality or reality will deal with you ...
06/13/06 7:50 PM GMT
GAK!!!!!!!!!!! It is scary looking! Don't let it get me! { hides behind Caedes's scary eye}:)

Nice work, Bill! Congratulations: definitely a great entry! Best Wishes!
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The Voting Booth is your friend..........:)
06/13/06 8:22 PM GMT
It looks as though it's going to grab me - It really is scary looking Bill and best of luck in the contest!!!
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Be not forgetful to entertain strangers; for thereby some have entertained angels unawares
06/13/06 10:33 PM GMT
Very scary looking .... I like the long spikes. I think I'll go hide now ..... LOL!!!! Great one Bill & good luck to you also.
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Friends are like shining stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are always there for you.
06/13/06 11:47 PM GMT
This is real scary looking Bill.Nice job.
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Heading to the East Coast (New Brunswick) on the 15th of this month. I won't be back until the 23rd. Hope to have lots of pictures to share.
06/14/06 1:05 AM GMT
This is way cool!! I had an image I was gonna upload with this title. Glad I didn't. This one blows it away! Great job. ;)
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06/14/06 6:07 PM GMT
*blink* you know what? i just realized i voted on this in the voting booth yesterday before i uploaded my image... gave it a 10 out of 10... Great image.

amare umbra
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Always be up for surprises, you never know when one is going to slap you in the face!
06/15/06 3:20 AM GMT
ohhh i'm scared... ;) nice fractal Bill lovely colours too... well done and good luck
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"A sense of humour is as important to life as shock absorbers to a car.. It helps us over the bumps im life" / P.K. Shaw
06/23/06 1:48 AM GMT
Gee thnx Bill...just when I thought he was an Urban Legend. LOL :)) This is very pretty. Love the colors. Sarah
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Hi I'm Sarah. My motto is if you like cats, you can't be ALL bad. :)
08/19/06 6:54 AM GMT
i used to hate the boogie man, hell, i still have dreams about him sometimes, but this is great, and i really like the colours
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"Pictures make the world go 'round."
03/14/07 2:23 AM GMT
Great image, though I find it hard to understand your fear of what looks like a purple icicle going through an identity crisis. Still, phobias are not rational by their very nature and none the less real for all that.

Looks so fragile and delicate - as though it would break in the faintest breeze.

Lovely purple, too.

- cfr
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07/21/08 9:19 PM GMT
funny name
but good job
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