Before Dawn's Light  

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Uploaded: 07/09/07 2:36 PM GMT
Before Dawn's Light
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I went very early this morning to the local park in town. Set the tripod up and tried for some night shots. This is my first real effort. I used the remote shutter release also. Please excuse the power poles and lines but because of the reflections and overall pic. I decided I should leave them in. ♫ ♪ sandi ♪


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07/09/07 3:49 PM GMT
Love it Sandi! This is actually a very good capture in my eyes. Looks quiet. Good shutter speed too, the illumination and color saturation is great. Nice work my friend!
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"A good photograph is knowing where to stand"-Ansel Adams
07/09/07 5:44 PM GMT
And you done it wonderfully well!...The setting is so very romantic, with the moody lighting!...very nicely done...Now get to bed!
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07/09/07 6:05 PM GMT
Hi Sandi,
This was well worth getting out of bed early for ! You were quite right to leave the power poles in, the reflection is lovely.
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Surfs Up, Stan
07/09/07 6:15 PM GMT
This is soo gorgeous. I agree on the worth getting up for. Very wonderful!!
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Angelle "To shape the world, you must become part of that world."
07/09/07 6:40 PM GMT
Beautiful capture, Tiggs! The complementary colours really do make this a lovely scene. A feast for the eyes!
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07/09/07 7:11 PM GMT
I love that view across the lake to those beautiful lights of that town. Very good nightjob my friend, but I am sure you will tell me, it is a very, very early morning job. Smile
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I would be happy, seeing you in my galerie. Today I've posted Baden - City Theatre.
07/09/07 8:33 PM GMT
Awefully nice image, and the poles do not bother me for a bit.
Great one.
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07/09/07 11:24 PM GMT
A very good shot, The power line don`t bother me but the streetlights are a bit glarey. I read somewhere if you set a WB of about 5000k on a night scene like this it would make the light look more natural. I just wish I knew where I read the full tut then I could have helped more. Nice one anyway!

Ian :)
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07/10/07 12:17 AM GMT
This is terrific, Sandi. You've done an excellent job once again, and stretching yourself out even further. You should be proud of this one :)


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07/10/07 12:23 AM GMT
I agree, you should be proud of this one, it is lovely, the reflections are amazing.
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Why not go out on a limb, that is where the fruit is.... Frank Scully
07/10/07 3:17 AM GMT
really a cool shot my it...a little too early for my butt...

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07/10/07 1:36 PM GMT
Great shot Sandi, I wish I could not more early morning shots, love the light.
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07/10/07 2:13 PM GMT
Excellent shot. Very well done. I admire you for being willing to get out so early.
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07/10/07 4:26 PM GMT
Excellent camera savy on this one Sandi...............Jim
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07/10/07 8:46 PM GMT
wow, love those lights and the overall light, and the colors and the mirroring, great work!
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07/10/07 9:40 PM GMT
awesome tigs! doin great!
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im sorry if i dont reply to your kind words as quickly as hoped, im in the middle of a degree, but ill get there, honest.
07/14/07 3:55 PM GMT
I don't think you had much choice but to leave in the power lines. That would be a booger to remove them, if it could be done. Nice night capture.
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07/18/07 2:12 PM GMT
Sandi, got this as a FI and glad I did as I missed it in NI. This is really beautiful and makes such a great desk top! Very nice! ~Mary~
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I am probably afraid that some spectator will not understand my photography - therefore I proceed to make it really less understandable by writing defensibly about it. Ansel Adams
08/05/07 3:48 PM GMT
Sandi, this is an excellent low light pic, something I'm trying to experiment with at the moment. If they all come out as good as this I would be happy! Great reflections in the water too, which add to this super picture.
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Drink triple, see double, act single!!!
08/13/07 2:55 PM GMT
Beautiful capture,Sandi..Love it
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12/04/07 8:14 PM GMT
I LOVE that photo. Coolest blue I've seen in a while!
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07/16/09 12:52 AM GMT
very nice! i dont mind the power lines at all.
Thanks for sharing!
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07/15/17 9:49 PM GMT
I'm not bothered by the power lines and poles, Sandi. They're as much a part of urban settings as anything else and, sometimes, they exhibit a certain beauty particular to them alone. I once saw a line of poles and wires sweeping up and down alongside a road that curved away from me, at a 90 degree angle, and there was a golden field of ripe wheat behind the wires (and there was even an old, gray, abandoned farmstead in the field). The color contrast was gorgeous but, of course, I didn't have my camera with me. Another one of those "wouldda-shouldda-couldda" moments. By the way, for a first effort of this type, missy, you did very well. Love the color and contrast in this one, as well as that sense of being the only one awake and enjoying the pre-dawn.

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