Little Bit-Of Attitude  

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Uploaded: 08/29/17 10:17 AM GMT
Little Bit-Of Attitude
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One of the feral kitties that were living under my shed, but momma moved them some time ago. My neighbors are still taking care of them, and are making plans to have the 3 kitties, and momma spayed/neutered through a low cost vet clinic this month, which I have offered to pay for half of the cost. We have two sets of feral feline families that they are taking care of, so I contribute some cat food to help out.

Either the momma just wandered in to the neighborhood or they were drop offs, but it would be so nice if pet owners would take care of the their pets, if they can't afford them, then in my opinion, they should not have them.

This is my challenge entry for the week, thank you in advance for commenting.



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08/29/17 11:38 AM GMT
What a dainty little kitten - although it does have large feet,which is a good thing !
This is a great capture Sandi. To get the movement as well as the full on stare is very clever!
Delighted to add it to the BWC - thank you :)

ps I agree, cat owners should be more responsible. There is a move afoot in our town to make it compulsory for all cats to be neutered and micro-chipped. There are problems all over with feral cats which attack our native bird population. Quite honestly I have no idea how they think micro-chipping cats would help in that area. Cats attack birds whether they be feral or neutered pampered pets - nothing can stop that.
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08/29/17 3:26 PM GMT
That s a look of surprise and expectation (because the kitten is already used to people. Nice capture Sandi.
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Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.
08/29/17 4:05 PM GMT
Such a precious sweetie and hope he lives a long healthy life. I'd love to have this one
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08/29/17 4:41 PM GMT
---which I have offered to pay for half of the cost---

Sandi, you're a very good hearted woman, in particular when it comes to animals.

I may be a tough retired seaman, but when it comes to animals as well, I'm a weak person. Therefore I can't understand that our animal friends sometimes are treated that mean. They are, like human beings, in need for love, care and respect!

Thanks for this very fine shot, my friend. A perfect entry for the Wednesday B&W challenge!
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08/29/17 5:26 PM GMT
This one's clocking you Tigz.
I've had two rescue cats and need another one, only that's affectionate mind!
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08/29/17 6:55 PM GMT
It is generous of you to help feed the feral cats, Tigz. I know you love cats and this is proof.
This cat probably knows you are a supporter as well.
Good entry.


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People are like cameras--sometimes they lose focus.
08/29/17 8:32 PM GMT
She looks like she's out for play, Sandi. Good focus on that bright face, and the b&w fits the nature of the subject perfectly.

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08/30/17 7:32 AM GMT
I'd like your feral cats to meet my backyard rats and they could party all night. Your portrait is very good, the wide aspect adds context and gives a feeling of spaciousness. The shallow DOF and pin sharp focus makes the kitty really pop against the background clutter too. Nicely done.
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08/30/17 12:10 AM GMT
Little bit of attitude......just like Fudge🐈 He has that too.

Nice B/W of this cuttie
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Carpe Diem!
08/31/17 12:59 AM GMT
He looks just like one of the cats that used to stay around here. He was one of the kittens I took so many pictures of. Now he prowls around finding his own harem to watch over. He visits from time to time when wants a meal. Good capture Sandi.
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Life's moments are sweet. I just want to capture all that I can of them.
09/06/17 6:25 PM GMT
Great composition/framing, clarity, and a wonderful pose. It just manages to capture that mischievousness :)
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