Webhosting Alliance Proposal

Submitted by caedes 06/07/02 3:46 AM GMT

I have been thinking about getting a dedicated server and hosting a few (20) sites that need a very good (and cheap)server. My proposal is that we get about 20 people to form an alliance and get a server (host has already been found). I've made a small page that lets you calculate the disk space, monthly fee, etc. that you would have for a given number of members. Basically if we could get 20 people to sign up, we could pay $5 each month for 1 Gig diskspace and 15 Gigs of bandwidth. I'm seeing this as a sort of elite club.


I think this could be really cool! What do you think and would you be interested? The server would be just like what you get from a hosting company (php,asp,mySQL,etc...) but there would be only 20 people on it, not 200. I'm excited! :-D


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