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03/13/11 12:28 AM GMT
5/09/07 1:42
I'm sitting here in disbelief. A few members saw fit to take me to task (publicly) for the tone of my posts on various threads in the recent past. In none of those thread entries, did I yell (all caps), resort to name calling, browbeating, or any of the other base behaviors displayed here.

I've made statements, voiced opinions, and taken stances on various things. Be it the Cindex, voting, or whatever the hell it happened to be. I took the time to read fully what others wrote, and while some of what I had to say was found to be less than palatable, I minded my manners, and at least maintained a level of civility.

What's transpired on this thread is akin to nothing less than an unchecked rampage. I'm not sure which is more shameful. The loss of self control on the part of various members, the lame effort made to reign them in (as so far they've been ignored) or the fact that their behavior seems to be ok, but mine was not.

Jacqueline, you're not only seriously short of anything resembling manners, but sense as well. The only reference I'd actually made to you, was to quote your one line "I'm not the only one who feels this way", which I followed up with quoting Lauren's PM (while attempting to actually leave her anonymous). So all that BS you've been spouting is based on...a mistake. Did you bother to ask me what I meant? No. Full steam ahead like a bull in a china shop.

Lauren, you seem to have had me in your sights for a while now, so your explosion at me wasn't actually all that surprising. Twice before, Cat had chosen to take me to task, and there you were adding your two cents as well. Fine, if we at least had some ongoing communication. Not fine, since that's pretty much the first things you've chosen to say to me in months.

Cat, a word springs to mind when I think of your treatment of me, and your behavior: sanctimonious. For as much as I'm not a mod, unless something behind the scenes took place that I'm unaware of, neither are you. I considered you to be a friend, but on at least half a dozen occasions, there you were, nipping at my heels. As for your apology for addressing that to me publicly, it's a hollow load of BS. Why? Because I've asked you several times to contact me in PM's with such issues...and you agreed. That was simply for Les' sake, but I thank him for making the effort. Sincerely.

Lastly, the overall quality of lots of posts (images) has taken a nose dive. One disaster by a newbie is one thing. Whole galleries full of disasters (that were praised by long-standing members) is another.

So it's with disappointment, anger, disgust, angst, remorse (yes, there are those members I will sorely miss)that I'm leaving. I've cleared out my gallery, so hey more room on the site already. This was once a cool,funplace. I admired the talent, and strove to meet the high bar of quality that was set by those before me. That incarnation of this place seems to be sitting dusty, on a shelf somewhere. Maybe someone will make an attempt to restore it.

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