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09/05/08 3:35 PM GMT
A while back a friend introduced me to a charity called Kiva that, basically, facilitates for individuals or groups to provide loans and financing to entrepreneurs and businessmen/women in the developing world to help build a life for themselves.

It isn't charity as such - you merely provide loans to these people that they then repay over a period of time - once the loan is repaid, you can choose to reclaim the money or lend it again to another person.

you can loan as much or as little (well, sort of, $25 is the minimum loan amount I think) as you like and - because its run by a charity - the tax man will love you for it, or at least be mildly fond of you.

I set up a lending team for any Caedes members interested in joining which can be accessed here

have a look see and join in if you want/can.
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