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What Colour Temperature is your monitor set to?

10/13/10 6:34 PM GMT
Default setting of mine?


Right, so? What's that mean, if anything at all?

"To get the best results from your monitor, it is important to understand the steps involved.

The first is calibration; i.e. setting your monitor to a well-defined, standard state. You need to select a color temperature to work with.

PC video cards and monitors are usually shipped with a white point set to 9300K. This gives a bluish tint to everything. It is often used for CAD work stations or in video games where maximum color contrast is desired.

For photography, however, color accuracy is more important.

The next standard color temperature is 5000K (or its close cousin D50). This is the color of lighting in art galleries, and approximates sunlight. On many PC monitors it produces white colors with a dingy, yellowish cast. For some Macs, it is a viable choice. A better choice is often 6500K (or D65). Most monitors reach useful brightness levels much more easily at 6500K/D65 than at 5000K/D50. Also, some monitors display reddish highlights at D50. Play with your monitor settings and decide which looks best.

If you have an LCD screen and your calibration system allows using the native white point, do so. This preserves the maximum possible color range on LCD monitors."

(Courtesy of: - "Monitor Calibration Methods")
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10/14/10 6:16 AM GMT
Whatever it was set to when i took it out of the box it came in.Seriously I have no idea.
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"Windows 95 is a 32-bit extention to a 16-bit patch for an 8-bit operating system that was originally coded for a 4-bit microprocessor by a 2-bit company that can't stand 1-bit of competition."
10/14/10 1:16 PM GMT
On both my Macs -- D65 (6507 - native white point). No idea about the PC laptop. :-) I don't think I'll wake it from its sleep!

Interesting, though. My old Tiger Mac has more calibration options than my Snow Leopard, which seems to limits me to two Gamma points (1.8 or 2.2) and three colour temperatures.

Edit: Ah... the 'expert' check box wasn't ticked. :-) Now I can change the Snow Leopard's display to all kinds of bizarre configurations...
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10/14/10 9:22 PM GMT
Thanks for sharing this! My husband has complained about the blue cast on his PC's monitor. I passed this info along to him.
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10/21/10 5:59 PM GMT
Well it also depends. When I was on a CRT monitor, I was *always* 6500, with manually adjusted calibration (using an installable control panel). Now that I'm on LCDs, I generally go for the 9300, and still fighting to make the calibration come as close to the CRTS I used to use as I can. Since I'm no longer doing Color Correction as part of my day job, it hasn't been as important to be persnickety about it.
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One man sees things and says
01/09/11 10:36 PM GMT
Thanks for the tip!
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12/31/11 9:02 PM GMT
~ le bump ~

To start the new year off on the right creative foot. :o)
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