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Caution Contest Entrants

04/24/11 10:22 PM GMT
Something I've observed over the past few weeks that I feel others should be made aware of re the "contests".

Certain persons who enter these are in the habit of leaving "ever so slightly" disparaging comments on the pages of other entered pictures. Very clever of them! The technique is so subtle as to be virtually undiscernable if only observed once. However, after a prolonged observation, a definite pattern of behaviour becomes obvious.

I don't enter these things myself. Have no interest whatsoever. But just a word of caution to innnocent entrants.
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04/25/11 12:17 AM GMT
A technique for what? As a judge in the current cycle I can assure you it makes to difference in my judging - I rarely even look at the comments.
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04/25/11 1:46 AM GMT
In my book, if something is "so subtle as to be virtually undiscernable" then it likely doesn't exist. =\
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04/25/11 2:59 AM GMT
I have just read all the comments in the current contest and 'undiscernable' is an understatement.
I see nothing at all disparaging anywhere.
In any case the comments/opinions on any image should not have any relevance to the fact they are contest entries - neither should the VB votes.
Perhaps an example of these comments could be given to clarify this ridiculous suggestion?
For someone who claims to have 'no interest whatsoever' in the contests this seems to be a very in depth anaylsis of what appear to me to be perfectly normal and acceptable comments.
With all due respect Hugo it would also be rather impossible for you to enter any of the contests given the fact that you actually have no gallery.
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