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DOMC Logo Contest (Cash Prize)

11/06/11 12:02 AM GMT
In addition to having a large database of premade, affordable music of high caliber, DOMC is a company that is dedicated to providing developers of visual media with quality custom made music. As we are currently expanding our business and advertising aggressively, we will be remodeling our entire website. This contest is being held to obtain an eye catching new logo for our site. The winner gets a whopping $150 U.S. dollars! Interested? If you’ve got the skills to make an awesome logo for us please continue reading. There are just a few guidelines we need you to follow. We guarantee that all personal information will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than this contest.

Contest Rules Details
1. Must be 15 years or older to participate.
2. Must have a bank account, PayPal, or ability to use parent/guardian’s bank account or PayPal.
3. Must become a member of the DOMC website, (It takes about 30 seconds), read the DOMC Contest logo thread information, and post accordingly.
4. Your logo will be judged by 4 members of DOMC. They are Maestro Chief Music Composer Jisun Hughes, Executive Chief Music Composer Nick Carlson, Senior Chief Music Composer Jasmine Cooper, and Chief Music Composer Nick May.

Contest Guidelines
1. We’re looking for something sleek, snazzy, chic, and professional.
2. Entries may be raster art, but vector is most preferred. Entries may be submitted in png, bmp, or svg format.
3. The only colors allowed to be used in the logo are shades of green, purple, blue, red, gray, yellow, and black.
4. We highly suggest that contestants use spherical or triangular shapes, musical notes, stars, the concept of a shape orbiting another shape, etc. As the company’s name suggests, we are a group of music composers, all dedicated to expanding the reaches of our listener base to a global level. Our dream is to become a household name in the world of video games, commercials, short films, and other visual media development projects. It is our dream for our music to orbit around the globe, touching the ears and lives of everyone who hears it.

Artwork Deadline
The deadline for the logo to be submitted is January 2nd 2012.

Please send your art work to If you have any further questions or concerns please direct those to the above email address or contact any of the judges (administrators) through their profiles listed on this page:

Thank you and good luck to all that enter! – Jisun Hughes, Maestro Chief Music Composer, DOMC
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11/06/11 1:17 AM GMT
Caedes members: Please use your own discretion when responding to posts that ask for details such as bank accounts etc.
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11/07/11 3:13 AM GMT
I think with PayPal they only have to have your email address.
Whether entering a logo design contest is a good idea or not is another question ...
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11/07/11 7:51 AM GMT
Always be wary of people want your bank details up front, especially if you have to pay to enter.

A similar posting on Deviant Art had a prize of $50 and a 1st October deadline. Also one post here has been removed.

A similar posting on Storm-Artists had a 1st October Deadline with the prize of $150 + royalties!

See DOMC's comments below. It's a shame their wording sounded so like a scam, which it seems not to be, just naivety.
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11/08/11 6:57 AM GMT
I love givin bank details but since i have no cashflow they sent email back statins beat it you 1/2 wit
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11/10/11 12:03 AM GMT
I joined the website to check it out.
No financial info required.
Apparently mentioned for the purpose of doing business.
Contest was posted to the DOMC forum a few hours before being posted here.
DOMC consists of eight musical artists and thirty two members including the newest member - me.
The folks running the show are Very young. Perhaps a bit in experienced. Perhaps not. Looks like a few college aged friends found a talent for computer generated music and are making a business of it.

Current name DOMC was announced Jan 31, 2011

Today we say good bye to Baek Ji Sound Corps and welcome Dream Orbit Music Corps! We here at DOMC are the same composers, plus 2 more to the team. We still will give you quality music so stay tuned for what's to come. Thanks for the support!"


I have dug around on the web enough now to say this looks legit. There is a long history of the same people promoting themselves in a consistent fashion.

No guarantee of course but they do look legit to me.
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11/11/11 1:28 AM GMT
We aren't out for anyone's money. I understand that using a paypal account may seem odd, but that is the safest and surest way we can think of efficiently giving the money to the winner.

Also, we have to be willing to start somewhere:

No one knows us, so we have to begin building a level of trust with those on and off the net.

Hopefully more people will become interested. We are excited about the types of artwork we will receive and be able to pick from!

And Coram9, we had the deadline set for the beginning of October, but nobody joined. We had a meeting a couple of weekends ago and agreed on extending the deadline to January 2nd (since many college students will be on winter leave, and people may have a bit more free time to work on submissions). The initial prize was in fact $50, but we received many complaints. Realizing that the prize money was indeed too low, we increased it to $150.

We are really trying to put ourselves out there, so I do hope more of you will enter the contest.
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