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12/17/11 5:51 AM GMT
This isn't exactly a request for comments, but I'm not sure where else to put it. I sell some of my artwork on Zazzle, and for the last week or so a lot of sellers have had their recent products disappearing and reappearing on their stores.

Orchard of Stars Puzzle - I'd like to know if this direct link works (in which case the problem must be with the indexing) or if you get a broken link.

Also if anyone has time I'd appreciate it if you could tell me how many products you see in my store (click on "Store" under the picture and then on "View all product" to get the number) and what are the 4 products shown as "My Latest Creations" (click on "About this store" on the left menu) - the two lists haven't even been matching lately.

I don't yet have another site for promotions or test links, that's why I'm posting this on Caedes ...

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12/17/11 7:20 AM GMT
Link to the puzzle works fine for me.

When I click all products I get "displaying 1 - 36 of 2400". Seems a little many to me!!

Out of interest, do you sell much there?
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12/17/11 7:24 AM GMT
FYI... I clicked on page 67 (the last page) and there was nothing on it, or the few pages before... so I guess the 2400 is a mistake (probably the maximum number of products that the site is capable of displaying).

Figured out eventually that the last page was actually 63, which displayed 2233 - 2251.
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12/17/11 11:39 AM GMT
To me it says "Products - displaying 1-36 of 2251". And that there are 63 pages. The last image I see on page 63 is Blue Rose Coaster.

The four recent creations I see are: Orchard of Stars Puzzle, Coral Depths Flexible Magnet, Blue Rose Notebook and Cooper Butterflies Cork Coaster.

The products look attractive. :-)

I was wondering it if was possible to have one's own images made into laptop skins? Does Zazzle do it? dA doesn't seem to.
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12/17/11 12:12 AM GMT
Actually, I've noticed the problem you describe... I still can't find laptop skins that I trust, but I was looking at your laptop sleeves in the Electronics category, so I knew you had them. I went away and then came back five minutes later, and looked in the Electronics category.

It said you had iPad and iPhone cases, but it didn't mention laptop sleeves.

I found my way to them by a roundabout route, then sent back to the Category Listing in the sidebar, and it now said you had 11 laptop sleeves.

A little while after that, it said you had 12 laptop sleeves! And at one point it said most of your laptop sleeves were 10 inch, but you had one 13 inch sleeve... and I know you have more than that.

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12/17/11 1:58 PM GMT
Link works.

Clicking on "Store" in this line;

Created By SilverWebForge: Store

... and then; "View all products";

Featured Products - View all products

Products (Total: 2500).
70 pages of various items.
All.. your stuff.


Clicking on "View all Products";

Search this Store - View all Products

Products (Total: 2251)
63 pages of various items.
All your stuff.

Here is page 67 for me:

Inner Glow Decorative Tile
Chaos Tie-Dyed Bumper Sticker
Eyes of the Storms Bumper Sticker
In Radiant Splendor Bumper Sticker

Firefox 8.0 here.
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12/17/11 2:37 PM GMT
Hmmm, got me curious now..


... yep, it works. Links to the bestest ever Praetor!
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12/17/11 5:01 PM GMT
Thank you. Actually I have 2500 products as of last night. I've done several "batches" this week, and they keep appearing and disappearing. The 2251 is a throwback from last Saturday night, as are the tile and bumper stickers that are supposedly "my latest creations". The puzzle is actually the latest.
Someone on the forums mentioned broken links, so that was my main concern. Hopefully eventually they'll get the indexing sorted out :-(

@ Sam - there are 40-50 products that I can put each design on, and I've got 60+ designs there now (mostly desktops from here), so that does add up. But lots of sellers have 100,000s of products. I've sold a handful of items so far, and gotten a few gifts there.

@Tootles - I actually have 21 laptop sleeves. I'm not sure what's the difference between a sleeve and a skin, but they only have sleeves and they're a recent addition. You can get your own images printed as long as they're big enough. I think about 2400x1800 is the minimum for the sleeves.

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12/17/11 9:58 PM GMT
Not that I know much about retail, but personally I prefer the old "quality over quantity" rule when it comes to my online stores, ie just concentrating on what I know people want. But as long as your stuff is sorted well (ie people can find what they want quickly based on product/image category) then you shouldn't be overwhelming people too much or risking that they won't find the type of image they were looking for quickly and easily, which is the issue I wanted to avoid with my stuff.
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12/17/11 11:27 PM GMT
I think skins are vinyl covers that attach to the lid of the laptop to save it from scratches. Anyway, thank you, that's useful to know about the minimum size. :-)
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01/11/12 7:44 AM GMT
I sell posters at fleamarkets for 12 bucks a pop.Hooked up with a guy who runs a printshop and split money with him.I have a display with like 20 posters on it,I sell them out almost every weekend.Shows you people will buy anything if you tell them its the last one.Got 2 rooms on house out of the deal so far.
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