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Friend to Friend Connect

12/29/11 1:58 PM GMT
My idea here is that would be nice to have a connection with a good Caedes friend to someone who is close to you in you in your everyday life. It could be a friend or family member.

The thought behind this is too have the the family member or friend contact the caedes member they are connected to in case of sickness or someone's passing.

It sounds morbid, but I know alot of us were truly saddened to hear that we found out so late of the Lion's passing.

I have already done this awhile back with my very good friend Joanie, and my girlfriend P. that I do my girls trips with.

They are connected by email, and facebook. Tigs♥ =^..^=
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12/29/11 7:13 PM GMT
Looks like a good idea Tigz. It is sad to find out so late when we have lost a good friend.
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12/29/11 8:19 PM GMT
A great idea,Sandi.If anything happens,I ask that my daughter will contact you,or Richie .. Almost everyone has e mail address.I am not a memberof facebook.To obtain such news so late was terrible..
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12/30/11 2:37 AM GMT
Oh, we need this thread Sandi! Great idea! Now I have to remember to tell my hubby and kids so they know how to get on
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12/31/11 9:38 PM GMT
Great idea, my case, my daughter is aware of my membership here, in fact, once belonged to caedes briefly some years ago so would know how to let someone know if anything happened to me.
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01/01/12 4:57 AM GMT
When we lost Verena, last year, I sent an email to my kids with a list of email addresses and names of people I would like them to contact in case something happened to me. My friends here at Caedes are in that list.

Sandi, this idea of yours is very good and I hope it takes hold. Sometimes our friends decide to leave Caedes and we do not hear from them again. But we do not know if this is always the case and if their absence is that they have left, or, if something more serious has happened to them. So, I hope something good comes out of your idea. ~~ John
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05/02/12 4:10 AM GMT
If you have a will (and everyone should!!) a note of email addresses to contact kept with it is a good idea.
Then it is safely in the right place at the right time
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