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rejected image!

01/14/12 1:43 PM GMT
I have read the rules of image content etc, and for the life of me I do not understand how my image "pure power" was rejected, an image of the car was allowed but a picture of the engine was not!
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01/14/12 2:02 PM GMT
Just guessing here, but was the brand name (Benz, Fiat, etc) prominently displayed? If so, maybe it was rejected for copyright/brand reasons. Again, a guess because it's the only reason that I can see fitting.
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01/14/12 10:31 PM GMT
I think Rob has the answer right.
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01/15/12 3:54 AM GMT
Steve, third_eye is correct. It was rejected for copyright violation:

From the CoC:


a. Only upload images for which you have full intellectual property, fair use, or redistribution rights or permissions.

The word Corvette (copyrighted)is too prominently displayed.

Hope this helps.
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