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09/18/12 10:18 PM GMT
One of the affiliates listed in the lower left pane of the homepage is the Sony PSP Wallpaper website.I experienced a 'web attack' when I visited that website. When I clicked on the link to the forums section listed at the top of their website homepage I got a warning message from my Norton Security Suite that it blocked a "Web Attack". I just wanted to pass this information on to protect those who might want to venture to that particular website:) Thanks, BB
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09/19/12 4:01 AM GMT
Thanks so much for the info.
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11/15/12 5:53 PM GMT
Mimi my dear friend I am not getting images only text.I am not alone others are having the same problem,can you help Roger.
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11/16/12 5:20 AM GMT
There are no images on the entire site other than our individual Avatars.!!!!
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