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Art Council Button...?

04/29/13 12:31 AM GMT
It's back, but when I try to use it, I get an "internal server" error.

Geri, is this your way of saying "I'm not sure yet"?
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04/29/13 11:42 AM GMT
Hmmm.. don't think the button was ever removed, Rob.

Just disabled (for a while now).
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04/29/13 12:40 AM GMT
Oh. Oops.
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04/29/13 6:23 PM GMT
Maybe it's time for a pair of.. wait, that's not right ... a monocle for your third eye?

I mean.. you are getting older, aren't you? Vision deteriorating, and all that?

(*snickers.. and.. giggles to hisownself*)

... ...

(*makes a run for the hills..*)
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04/29/13 9:08 PM GMT
no biggie. I might miss with a sniper rifle, but I can still dial into NORAD.
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04/30/13 9:44 AM GMT
(*hits number 5 on speed dial..*)

Mind you, last time I dropped a dime.. ended up inadvertently ordering a pizza.

Pretty much the proverbial win-win in either case.
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