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"Caedes site down for maintenance"

01/13/15 2:19 AM GMT
Seemingly, and somewhat random.. will get the 'gremlins doing their thing'/'site down for maintenance' page/message.

Things usually clear up.. resume.. after a few moments.


Depends.. sometimes.. not at all, in week's time frame. Other weeks.. couple times or more.

Posting this in case other members experience likewise and wonder what is what.

And if occurring on other pc fronts.. might be something to look into, with respect to hosting.

As this would translate to peeps being bounced from site, members and visitors alike.
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01/16/15 8:49 PM GMT
It has happened to me a few times, though not in the past few days. As you say, if you go back and try again, you usually get in. It's as though a chihuahua sneezed. :-)
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