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Creating Superresolution Photos

02/22/15 3:37 PM GMT
So some new cameras are creating images with more pixels than the sensor in them by moving the sensor around while taking the image. Here is a way to do it with the camera you already have + Photoshop.
As a bonus a portion of this can be used alone to eliminate noise.

Creating Superresolution Photos with Photoshop
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02/23/15 10:24 PM GMT
"The real trick is that we'll shoot this set of exposures completely hand held. The subtle motion of our hand will actually act just like a sensor shift mechanism and allow different pixels to capture different parts of the scenes. It sounds simple but it actually works."

Ahh.. ok, got it now.

"But let's make a huge image just because we can"


Curious, though.. any relation?

Focus Stacking in Macro Photography
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