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Shutter Evolve - Free Photoshop Actions

02/27/15 1:47 AM GMT
"Specialising in Landscape and Cityscape photography, Shutter Evolve was created by Jimmy McIntyre to offer photographers high quality learning materials that will keep them at the forefront of post-processing technology."

Free PowerPack Actions.

"What's In The Pack?

14 Quality Photoshop Actions
4 Instructional Videos
Create & Delete Luminosity Masks Actions
Orton Effect Action For Dreamy Photos
Non-Destructive Dodge & Burn Action
Detail Enhancer Action
2 Sharpener Actions
Autumn Colours Action"

It was in searching for some tutorials on Luminosity Masks, and some of you might recall my having made mention of Tony Kuyper, in this regard.. that I came across Jimmy McIntyre's site.. Shutter Evolve.

So.. I provided my email (you can opt out of receiving further newsletters/emails after you receive the 'Action Pack').. verified things.. went and downloaded the .zip file. Unpacked it, and have been messing about with the actions.

Interesting stuff.

Straightforward, on the note of installation/employing the actions.. and there are tutorials to help you along each and every step of the way.

Whether it is in relation to the actions themselves.. or, that of further tutorials (found on-site) to take your post processing to the proverbial next level.

His calling card, so to speak.. is that of 'digital blending', Luminosity Masks and he covers aspects of HDR photography as well.

There is some stuff that is pay-to-play, too. Billed as and for the 'professional photographer'.
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