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Outstanding Work by a Member

04/09/15 5:05 PM GMT
I would just like to make note of one of our members. "Pistos" aka Jeff has been a member since February 2006. Recently, Jeff has been posting a pioneer sculpture series that is intriguing, beautiful, and photographed expertly. If there were a way to have a contest for best series, this would definitely be my all time favorite. For anyone reading this who has missed these photos, do Yourself a favor and go to his homepage and view his gallery (which, I might add contains some very impressive work.) Thank You Jeff and thank You Caedes (and a thank You to a very talented sculptor) for sharing this wonderful bit of history in so wonderful a manner. .....susanlynn
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04/09/15 9:34 PM GMT
Hidden Caedes Treasures


Nice find and nice of you to give 'props', Susan.

Here's a link to Jeff's galleries (and sculpture photos/images amongst others):

Pistos; aka Jeff's.. Work Behind the Lens
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08/23/16 2:47 AM GMT
Ted; aka ::gr8fulted.. has been a Caedes member about as long myself.

But, has been quite active uploading for the last while.

By all means.. check out his galleries, time and opportunity permitting.
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08/25/16 2:24 PM GMT
Ted is bringing Caedes some excellent images. Bravo and I'm glad that you gave him recognition.
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
08/26/16 2:19 AM GMT
Thank you both. I receive your kudos with a warm and open heart.
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08/28/16 7:55 PM GMT
Noticed this member online the other day, and to some of you he just might be a hidden Caedes treasure..

Jaap; aka japio progression from his first upload to the site here to his most recent is a wonderful photographic journey to view.

Here's his galleries.. Works by japio.

This one is a fav of mine.
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10/30/16 12:23 AM GMT
A shimmy and a shake and..

~le bump ~
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10/30/16 4:16 PM GMT
A gentleman, scholar.. and perhaps, a fine judge of whiskey, too.

But, most assuredly.. a wonderful photographer:

LANJOCKEY; aka Mick.
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12/21/16 5:43 PM GMT
Was reminded of this Caedesian's work behind the lens.

And particularly, on the note of the photography of flowers:

Leslie; aka Pixleslie's galleries.
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08/12/17 11:50 AM GMT
Courtesy of our current site contest; "What is it?".. a question, scavenger hunt of sorts.. led me down the rabbit hole of the same themed past contests.

And.. guess what I found?

GGFF; aka Ilian Yanev's galleries.

Really beautiful work. And I mean.. all of his work/images. Have a look see for yourselves.

... ...

This was his entry to the one contest:

"What is it?"

With the additional bonus/discovery of a link to a tutorial on how to recreate/combine real flame photos:

1. Use preset flame brushes such as this Hi-Res brushes;
2. Combine real flame photos - here is a tutorial;
3. Create your own flame with multilayer technique & Liquid filter apply & Vivid light overall.
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05/01/18 6:22 PM GMT
::Misteeq...a relatively new member but one who consistently shares some excellent architectural and abstract sure to check out her gallery...bravo Solly/Hamza!!!
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