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New Suggestion for code of conduct

05/11/15 4:26 PM GMT
Before knee jerk reacting please consider the reasons given for my suggestion.

I suggest that serious consideration be given to excluding all pics of children from the website.

Children have no say in their image being shared here.
Children have privacy, which is not recognised when their image is shared here, even by parents or family members.

Sharing an image online, is not the same as what we used to do before the internet - taking out a hardcopy photo of our kids, sharing it round, taking it back and putting it away. Nobody got to HOLD ONTO and "use" in any sense, that child's image.

The children will grow up and that image of THEM will still be out there without them ever having consented to that and without them having any control over how that image is used or misused. The child will have to deal with the very public consequences of a decision made by family or friends when they were incapable of giving consent or understanding the implications of such consent.

Us adults are supposed to be adopting practices that protect children from such situations outside their capacity to judge or discern.

If you as an adult want to post a pic of yourself as a child, that is a whole other reality.

Think about it.....posting a pic of a child here is literally giving away that image of that child to strangers. Do we really think this is ok?

I'll say that slightly differently - posting a pic of a child here is you posting in front of strangers a pic of someone else without their consent. Is that really ok?

This is one area our ethical thinking is behind the implications of our technology and for me the issue is one of adults having a responsibility to protect the privacy of children rather than doing something irreversible that does not need to be done but which has potentially significant negative impacts on that child's life for a very long time.

I am not reacting to any pic on this website and I am not pushing some idea that there is anything wrong about taking pics of our kids, or even sharing those in certain, circumscribed settings.
I am simply asking that we as a community consider privacy, consent and long term implications of children's pics being posted online because it is NOT the same as sharing a wallet pic with your workmates at the coffee break.

With respect
Mikel Azure
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05/12/15 1:32 AM GMT
As a suggestion..

Might wish to add your suggestion.. here ("Poll: What feature or change would you most like for") ... as well, Mikel.

Interesting points, by the way.

Never approached or thought of this topic from your post's narrative/perspective beforehand.
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12/04/15 2:37 PM GMT
No children? What about all the Parents, Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins that have accounts here? Children are often their pride and joy...

Just sayin'...
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01/15/16 3:49 PM GMT
One member here had photos of her grandchildren ripped by an internet fraudster in another country who claimed them as his own. Despite her best efforts she was unable to get control of her images back. Lesson learned. She no longer posts picks of her family.
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