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Some images not appearing full-size.. Member: Mythmaker

05/12/15 5:46 AM GMT
Posted the following as a comment on one of Mikel's; aka Mythmaker image's page, namely; Ghost Row:

"Mikel.. was taking the tour of your new photos since your return and seem to be encountering some issues when trying to view some full-size.

This image here is the first of a handful.

If I might suggest.. emailing *caedes to apprise and/or posting to the Feature Bloat / Bug Squash section of forums.

Email address for *caedes:

The other images affected are:

Blue Mosque - Istanbul
Blue Mosque Prayer Tower. Istanbul.
Istanbul: Old and Older.
Mellow Row

Browser used on my end: Firefox 37.0.2

And I've left some seemingly loading with a progress bar visible and for some lengths of time (read; 'minutes and then some').. with no error messages returned.

Psge just seems to hang."

This is what I see (different image/same end result.. namely that of; Istanbul: Old and Older.).. and I've left the image/page loading for at least ten minutes plus.. as of this writing here.
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05/12/15 1:53 PM GMT
Not sure if this has been fixed, but they open full size on my PC. Windows 7 64bit and IE11.
However, I've got a very fast broadband connection (100Mb/s) and the individual files are in excess of 40MB. Not sure if that's a contributory factor.
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Open images at full resolution and take a few steps back...
05/12/15 7:05 PM GMT
Well.. I reluctantly used IE and the full-sized version of and for example; Ghost Row.. did load.

Albeit.. slowly and comparatively speaking to those images/photos of Mikel's that would display in Firefox.

Interesting and of note.. the final file size you report, MJ.

It used to be the case that file sizes were (somewhat) restricted to 10 Mb.. perhaps, that limitation has been upped or removed since the move to cloud storage.

But.. for our community artists.. I would suggest resizing their images to mitigate ripping and/or stealing of their images/photos.

'Less to work with' for the rippers out there.. i.e. prints.

Thanks for weighing in, appreciate your time. :o)
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05/12/15 7:07 PM GMT
Oh, and my internet connectivity speed is 30 Mbps.
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05/12/15 7:54 PM GMT
I'm looking into this problem now. The caedes server is not converting the uploaded images to JPEG format correctly.
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05/12/15 8:02 PM GMT
Ok, I think the problem is fixed. The server was only converting images to JPEG if the file size was over a certain threshold. Otherwise, it was keeping the same format (in this case TIFF), which was not supported by all browsers. Unfortunately, I can't fix the images that have this problem currently, so they will have to be deleted and uploaded again.
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05/12/15 8:20 PM GMT
Thanks, *caedes.. appreciate your time and efforts.

I will delete your test image.. and Mikel, once he logs back in.. will be apprised/informed of what transpired. As a link to this discussion was left in the comments on one of the images that were affected.

... ...

Just for kicks and giggles.. had left the image loading and after just over an hour plus (1:01:00 and counting).. still.. loading.

(*closes tab*)
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05/23/15 5:48 PM GMT
OK, I will delete my tiff uploads, my bad, and upload the ones I like again another time.
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