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05/20/15 6:29 PM GMT
Hello Friends,

Recently was several times down for everyone. I'm not talking/discussing here about the reason(s).

If you're not able to establish an Internet connection with Caedes, my only goal is to help you to check whether it's a problem for just you (e.g. hard- and/or software problems with your equipment) or a problem for everyone who has the intention to visit the Caedes site (e.g. server problems).

Please go to the site and type in the 'check' bar: and you'll see whether Caedes net is up or down.

You may check-out this link as well.

My advice is to save this info as you can't read it while Caedes is down, lol.

Think it may be helpful to you and will prevent having doubts, and spoiling time and effort.

Best regards, Cornelius aka SEA(S)

3∈ [?]
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06/13/15 12:58 AM GMT
Very useful link Cornelius, I've bookmarked it. (o:
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