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Image Approval - my own images appearing for me to approve

05/23/15 5:46 PM GMT
quite a number of times in the last three weeks immediately after I have uploaded an image I have received a request in my "jobs" menu to approve an image and when I open it - the image being approved is the image I just uploaded.

I have also been asked to approve other images in this time, so that part of the software is working correctly.

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing this, or just me?
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05/24/15 11:02 AM GMT
Yes I have had this happen several times. I just ignore the image if it is my own.
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05/24/15 11:22 AM GMT
I'm tempted to click the 'Maybe Not' button and then have a rant at why my photo has been rejected by the mods... :)
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Open images at full resolution and take a few steps back...

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