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All image links showing as broken

06/11/15 12:24 AM GMT
IN the last two or three days, in both firefox and in chrome, I see only the broken image icon where there should be either a thumbnail or full sized image.
This is particularly a problem as I can't see any of the current contest images to vote on them, none of the images on the thumbnail page show up, nor when I click on them - the page for the image opens but the image is not visible, nor does the image open when I click on the space where the image thumbnail should be. No, I have not cleared any cache - seemed to me that the cache for two different browsers is different and therefore unlikely to be the cause of the problem.
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06/11/15 2:21 PM GMT
Clearing the cache (& cookies)is usually the first suggestion for non display of images so I would be inclined to try that - at least on one of your browsers.
Have you tried using an alternate browser such as IE ?
Does this happen on all websites or just this one ?
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06/12/15 3:32 AM GMT
All links are working for me in multiple browsers on laptop , tablet and phone.,
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06/12/15 7:53 AM GMT
I made no changes but the problem has resolved. So I was able to vote in the contest which was my main concern in the short term.
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Life is not an essay. Life is a story.

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