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Unable to open thumbnail on just the one image

03/21/16 3:47 PM GMT
I'm unable to comment on image Old State House by artist Tomeast. because the thumbnail won't blow up. When clicking on it the page simply goes misty.

Weird problem huh!? I haven't had this problem with any other images. People should note I only use Firefox and Opera web browsers which are incidentally set to their highest security/privacy settings. Also note I also use a ad blocker too, but very much doubt these mentioned details have an effect.

Perhaps other people are having the same problem too? Anyway thought I'd mention the issue so the Caedes techies know and please could someone be kind enough to fix it. (o:
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03/22/16 1:02 AM GMT
The image opens fine for me.

Try dumping your cache.


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03/22/16 7:30 AM GMT
Just tried that Mimi, still no difference I'm afraid to say.
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08/03/16 2:05 AM GMT
As a suggestion..

If 'you' encounter an issue or problem that is more technical in nature.. post to the Feature Bloat / Bug Squash.

... ...

Btw, the image displays for me.. and I am using Firefox. Has it resolved for you now, Phil?
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08/07/16 2:35 PM GMT
Has it resolved for you now, Phil?
Unfortunately not, the page still goes misty after clicking on the thumbnail. I've taken note of the category thanks Les.
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08/08/16 6:12 PM GMT
Now it won't load for me, either, Phil.. added to the list here.


"However.. if I right-click on it and "Open Link in New Tab".. it will appear in the new tab full-size.

Just need to 'zoom', or, click on the "+".. to get the "full" full-size (not much difference for me, really.. as my monitor's resolution is 1920 X 1200).

Again, note.. using Firefox 48.0 here."
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08/09/16 10:30 PM GMT
You've been doing your homework Les!
I followed your instructions and it opened for me too. 👀
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