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Animated Avies neither post nor work...

07/23/16 5:13 PM GMT
In the last few years (@ least over 5), I have noticed that whenever I post a .GIF animated avitar (and I make sure it is very much under the allowed pixel and byte size), I get only the all-too famuliar "Small Square X" in the avie space, and I used to be notorious for posting animateds...Other members' older avie post animations (including some of mine) always work, but I only see a few new ones that show up animated, otherwise I see the same thing as when I post a current animated...I don't have any sort of problem when I post a stationary (also under the allowed pixel & byte size)....Does it have something to do with server space, or maybe whererever the information is distributed from caedes central to terminal locations?
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07/24/16 4:29 AM GMT

Another artist asked this question not too long ago & *caedes responded that it was his personal choice not to program the server to accept them.

*caedes has stated before that he really does not like animated avatars.

Hope this helps!


Here is *caedes response from 4.8.16

I think I've answered this question some time earlier in the past 10 years, but I understand if it needs to be refreshed. It is to some degree a personal preference that I don't want to see flashing animated gifs on the site. If it takes more work for me to allow something that I don't want in the first place, then I'm unlikely to do it. This is not a personal slight against those who would like animated avatars, just a difference of opinion.
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07/24/16 4:46 PM GMT
"Pharaoh Speaks" ... No more arguments, then... Thanks for the heads up on that...
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