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The best free photo-editing software 2016

08/17/16 10:46 PM GMT
This article is just from four (4) days ago.. so.. provided the impetus to post:

"The best free photo-editing software 2016"

There are some familiar names, as well as, a couple of new ones (to me, anyways).

"Silly name, exceptional photo-editing software"

Bit of a learning curve to this one, but, google is your friend on finding some tutorials.

"Basic photo editing with layers, filters and plug-ins"

"A simple, unusual editor that can handle more than just photos"

And as already mentioned in this section of forums and elsewhere on site:

Google Nik Collection
"A professional-level filter selection, now made free"

The list is comprised of ten (10) image editors/software.. with the best thing being that they are all free. With the download links contained on the article's page and some additional information/description for each.
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08/26/16 4:14 AM GMT
I can attest to the fact Google Nik Collection is very fine. I have a good photography friend who uses it and just loves it. I have downloaded it, but not yet used it. I can also highly recommend to Mac users the AuroraHDR software (it's Mac-only),, which I use--usually for photos with people in them.

May you each be happy.
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