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Can't vote in current contest

09/01/16 10:58 PM GMT
Just received this PM from member; Tomeast:

Personal message from Tomeast [1/09/16 18:01]:

Howdy Les , I have voted on the contest a few times but it does not seem to be working , I chose the photos and hit vote , What am I doing wrong ? Tom

... ...

Response from me:

"Hey Tom,

Sorry to hear that you are encountering difficulties in the voting.

I am not sure what is happening, tell the truth.

The only thing I can think of is have you, or, can you try using a different browser?

(Apart from clearing your browser's cache/Internet History, which shouldn't really matter.. but, to eliminate some possibilities of what's borking things.. at least give it a try.)

Scratching my head here.. the other possible issue is that of you receiving the 'job' and yet, not being 'officially' on the voting list. Nullifying your participation.

Really not sure, sorry.

Hopefully, *caedes reads the post and figures it out.

And by all means, feel free to PM him yourself.

... ...

On your behalf, though.. posted this to the Feature Bloat / Bug Squash section of forums.


(I've searched the discussion forums and not been able to find a related thread wherein someone encountered this before.)
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09/05/16 12:42 AM GMT
No more worries on this one.

Close the file..

"Hi Les , sorry for the delay in responding..That message was exactly what I got , just like you wrote here. I just didn`t want to block up the voting in anyway and thought it was stuck or something..All is well now as I do not see it on the contest thing under jobs..Thanks a lot for the help , Les , Tom"

I had simply informed Tom, that when revisiting the Voting page.. that the default message changes from that of the first time one votes.

And this, after forgetting to ask him if he had encountered any error messages.

All good good now.
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