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7 Black and White Photoshop Conversion Techniques

09/08/16 2:05 PM GMT
Here's the article.. "7 Black and White Photoshop Conversion Techniques"

The techniques covered are:

1) Black and White Conversions (adjustment layer)
2) Convert to Greyscale (Destructive)
3) Use the Hue/Saturation Tool (Non-destructive)
4) LAB Color Method (Destructive)
5) Gradient Map (Non-destructive)
6) Channel Mixer (Non-destructive)
7) Photoshop Elements: Convert to Black and White Tool (Destructive)

And a bonus eighth technique.. purportedly the best with the most control..

8) Twin Hue/Saturation Method (Non-destructive)

"This technique uses two Hue/Saturation adjustment layers. The top layer is a straight monochrome conversion. The bottom layer changes the colours of the original photo, which in turn changes the tones in the black and white conversion. It gives you a very fine degree of control."

But, wait.. there's one more! And better than #8!

9) and White Adjustment Layer Method (Non-destructive)

"Available in Photoshop CS 3 onwards, the black and white adjustment layer gives you all the control of the channel mixer and twin hue/saturation techniques via six colour sliders. But the most exciting feature is it's 'targeted adjustment tool'. With this tool you can stroke tones in your photo to make them lighter or darker. It's an intuitive and precise conversion technique."
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