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09/12/16 2:48 AM GMT
Hello - longtime Caedes fan, first time signing up. I'm just learning how to use the site, and I was wondering how long it takes for a photo to appear in a gallery. I uploaded a photo at 17:36 today, and it's not showing on my profile page or gallery. I can navigate to it via Caedes Control, so it uploaded successfully.

EDIT: It's showing up now, sorry for the post.
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09/12/16 11:22 PM GMT

Thankfully the image is showing for you now.


I was ready to add to this list of images that show for some, but, not all:

"Problem with image(s) displaying"

(/\ For future reference, in case of.. and feel free to post to the discussion thread if it indeed happens to you.)

Now, then.. your question..

Shouldn't be too long before your image is approved. As approval is done both by the image moderators and that of site members.

A few hours at worst.. instantaneously (almost.. give or take a few minutes for the site server to play catch up) if an image moderator is on and approving images.
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09/13/16 6:51 AM GMT
Good to know, thanks!
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