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Maintenance Screen

10/26/16 4:01 PM GMT
All day yesterday I received the Caedes maintenance screen whenever I moved from one task to another. A click on the refresh button gets the right screen but I'm wondering if everyone knows to do this and if the problem is being worked on. Others have also mentioned this in their posts today.
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10/26/16 4:52 PM GMT
Happening here as well, Kathy.

For example..

Every time I send a PM.. after clicking "Send Message" am met with the Caedes Maintenance page/screen.

... ...

Hang in there.. as I suspect that the man behind the curtain (*caedes) is indeed hard at work.
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10/26/16 4:53 PM GMT
Ok, add in "Post this comment".. to trigger the Caedes Maintenance page/screen.
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10/26/16 5:01 PM GMT
Add in.. sneezing as a trigger.

... ...

I keed, I keed.

But, it does seem that just about anything does trigger the Caedes Maintenance page/screen.
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10/29/16 6:07 AM GMT
Ok, I think we can close the file on this one now.


Thanks for the alert and taking the time to post, Kathy.
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