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Yes, the site has been slow..

11/13/16 8:28 AM GMT
.. but, for stuff like this.. don't post in this section here.. post here instead.

Hang in there, peeps.

Hopefully things get resolved quick.
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12/10/16 8:02 PM GMT
Happening again.. at least for me.

Pages are slow to load.

So.. patience.
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12/11/16 5:04 PM GMT
This is the second time I have had to wait a long time for this site to get up to a more serviceable speed!

Although I haven't been a member very long, it seems to me Caedes is badly maintained, and if I had paid for these extra services, I believe I would seriously think of asking for a refund!

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12/11/16 9:29 PM GMT
Unfortunately, Thomas.. for whatever reason.. the site has been a target for spambots for the last while.

The site owner; *caedes.. is monitoring things, as well as, making changes to thwart their activity.

Not sure what else to add here.. other than.. your patience would be appreciated. As frustrating as the current circumstances are.. and quite understandably.
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12/12/16 8:51 AM GMT
Thank you for that explanation purmusic.
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