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Hey? Where'd the Discussion Boards go?

11/18/16 10:46 AM GMT
Logged on.. and went to check the Discussion Boards and was met with only the following:

"The Discussion Boards

search mark all forums as read"

... and that's it.

I managed to find a workaround and get the Discussion Boards to display in their entirety. However, and cutting to the chase..

*caedes has been PM'd/messaged about this particular anomaly.
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11/19/16 5:55 PM GMT
Clearly.. the gremlins need a pay raise.

All is well, once again.. in Caedesland.
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11/23/16 11:16 AM GMT
Well the Member Initiated Thread has disappeared now. One minute it was there - next minute gone in a puff of gremlin coloured smoke. I have tried unsucessfully to find a workaround as I need to add an image to the BWC list. No luck so will try again later.
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11/24/16 2:06 PM GMT
Try this workaround, Lyn..

Do a forum search (top left of page).. when this stuff happens.

Using the search terms; "B/W Wednesday Challenge Entries".

Click on it in the Discussion Board Search results.. should be all good good now. Or, at least be available to you to post to.
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11/26/16 9:28 PM GMT
I was dealing with this problem a few times as well. After a couple of minutes the problem seems to be disappeared (automatically?), so that the member initiated thread can be 'approached' again.
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11/26/16 9:43 PM GMT
Whatever issues that have been showing up for the last while.. be it a discussion thread not showing.. images not displaying, etc.. usually do correct/resolve themselves after a short time, Cornelius. Agreed.

The fixes are for when 'you' (speaking generally here) are pressed for time.

... ...

And again, as I've made mention.. pretty sure it has to do with the work *caedes is doing or has done behind the scenes towards thwarting the spambots and spam user accounts.

Whenever the number of active users swells/increases (the strange usernames/profiles are the giveaway).. that tells me that the bots have been busy.. and so has *caedes. With the collateral damage being that 'we' experience some delays from time to time.
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