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improper 'flood control error'

11/26/16 9:20 PM GMT
Often when I try to add a comment on a new contribution of one of the Caedes-members, I receive an improper 'flood control error' message. I know that a comment can't be given twice within a brief period of time, but it's however every time an initial comment. I know that other Caedes-friends are dealing with the same problem.

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11/27/16 2:11 PM GMT
Taking a guess here, Cornelius..

I believe *caedes might have extended the time before 'you' (speaking generally here) can make or post subsequently.. and did not change the 'flood control error' message that states every 20 seconds.

Goes back to thwarting the spambots and spam users stuff.

Have to bear with, unfortunately.

That said..

Thanks for taking the time to report this, though. It is appreciated.
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08/30/17 11:20 AM GMT
I too have the occasional strange experience on Caedes C. I don't know if it's identical to yours!?

What happens is: I click the 'Post this comment' link and a message comes up saying 'Please wait 20 seconds' or whatever! However I'm used to technical problems on websites as I use the epic web browser most of the time.
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