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2017 New Year's Resolutions

12/19/16 5:12 AM GMT
The following is actually an excerpt from an article, titled; "8 tech resolutions for 2017: Best practises for the New Year".

Two of the eight resolutions had to do with photography.

These two:

1) Rescue your analogue media

i) How to scan or photograph old photos
ii) How to scan photographic negatives
iii) How to scan old colour slides
iv) Top tips on scanning old photos, negatives and slides

2) Perfect your photos for free.. using PhotoScape.

"We explain how to fix nine common photo problems, from red-eye to incorrect white balance. Whether your photos are blurry and need sharpening, or you want to remove that dustbin from the corner of a shot, we show you how to do it for free."

What's covered:

a) Correct red-eye
b) Crop an image
c) Sharpen blurry photos
d) Fix bad exposure
e) Improve contrast
f) Correct white balance when colours are wrong
g) Reduce depth of field (blur the background)
h) Remove noise from photos
i) Clone out unwanted objects or people
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02/21/17 5:46 AM GMT
I have a large collection of family slides that date between 1958 and 1975 taken by my late father Les and I have the equipment too.

However the damp English climate and time has taken it's toll. The hues have altered and faded while the whites have become predominate.

Boo hoo!
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02/24/17 2:57 AM GMT
Nothing new in the above, Phil?

On the note of the tips in the linked article above; re: scanning?
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