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Confession of a Panty Waist

03/05/17 4:12 PM GMT
In the Military, if an individual is hesitant or cannot do an expected task, you were labeled as a "Panty Waist". This is the worst shame any ranking person can present you with. Imagine, young men trained to kill and break things, suffering the label of "Panty Waist" because maybe they were slow to jump off a 350 foot tower, hesitant to enter an active Gas Chamber, or . . .I remember an individual in Basic Training who . . . refused to wear boxer shorts.

Now its my task to publicly admit "I may be a Panty Waist", because . . . . .I use my cell phone as a camera, instead of carrying around my real camera. This questionable action isnt hidden in any closet. I, without shame, use it in public, right in front of strange people, I dont even know. Its become a mindless habit which seems to be getting out of control. Last summer I worked as a Security Guard for an Ansel Adams Photo display at an Central Indiana Museum. One evening when all the guests were gone . . . . .I . . . .whipped out my cell phone and took a picture of an Ansel Adams photograph. I can just vision Ansel clenching his fists and yelling curses at me while rolling over in his grave, for not using a real camera.

As part of my daily morning routine, I spend extra time in the bathroom, trying to hide my Panty Waist, by tucking in my shirt tails. Am I bad? Am I the only one who is hesitant or does not want to carry around a real camera in favor of a cell phone? Is the bulge of the cell phone in my pants pocket, better than the bulge from carrying extra batteries for my real camera? Last week, I saw the Editor of our small town newspaper take pictures with her. . .Tablet! Is this the new trend?

I think all this activity, is a valid reason to consume an Ice Cold Adult Beverage and forget about my shame.
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03/06/17 2:32 PM GMT
"I think all this activity, is a valid reason to consume an Ice Cold Adult Beverage and forget about my shame."


Getting back to your question of sorts..

Having seen some rather outstanding imagery that have their roots in cell phones.. I am going to go out on a limb.. that there are obvious advantages.

Portability.. having something on hand to record whichever and whatever.. that might not otherwise seen the light of someone's monitor. Had no device been on hand to capture it/them/the thing of interest.

Moar people involved.

And given the current technological state.. the average cell phone camera these days puts my "old" point-and-shoot to shame (or, almost).

Coincidentally, and still on topic..

Was just checking out some mirrorless cameras the other day.

From the comments section to the above article;

"I am looking to move from my Canon EOS 6 D system to a smaller mirrolress camera. I do a great deal of traveling and at age 77 the weight and bulk of the DSLR has become problematical."

Kind of sums the discussion up, methinks.
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03/13/17 11:47 AM GMT
No shame in using a phone camera ! It is the results that count, not the equipment. And it is the thing behind the lens no matter what it is housed in, that gets the results.
My son uses nothing but his phone. He visits some of the most intresting places and he captures not just scenes, but the essence of those places with it. And in the process puts me to shame with what he achieves. And I might add I get a bit ratty about it !
As for those photos in the link above - who would not be proud to claim one of those as their own work - I certainly would. They are wonderful.
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My thanks to all who leave comments for my work and to those of you who like one enough to make it a favourite. To touch just one person that way makes each image worthwhile. . . . . . . . . .. . . . "The question is not what you look at, but what you see" ~ Marcel Proust

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