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Time for Images to Appear on Main Page

04/10/17 11:09 PM GMT
This is just a matter of curiosity. I posted 2 photos at 4am. One was posted to the main page 6 hours later ("Doggy in the Window"), the other still doesn't appear there ("Weird Trunk") I think it hasn't been approved? The latter is for MM, which will soon be over! lol Just wondering...not a biggie. Thanks for any feedback on this.
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04/10/17 11:40 PM GMT
"Doggy in the Window" was approved earlier by a member, Connie. And now confirmed by me.

And.. I just approved "Weird Trunk" (no other approvals were on this image).

I think this situation tends to happen more often when a member has two images up for approval. In that one image will be readily approved by a member, if not a Praetor.. then, the second falls in line afterward and is assigned to members for approval.

Finally, when all else fails.. a Praetor will approve it at some point.

Not sure exactly how the site assigns images for approval to members.. but, this is my best guess.
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