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Size Matters

07/17/17 4:03 AM GMT
I have had a few members notify me that they had downloaded one of my images, but were altering its dimensions to better fit their monitor screen.

I tend to make and submit wallpapers that fit my own HD monitor. However, HD monitor screens tend to be wider and shorter in ratio than the older or more standard 4-to-3 screen ratio monitors.

So my question is: what is the best, most universal sized image to offer?

Thank you for any and all replies! :)
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07/17/17 11:36 AM GMT
I have been wondering the same.
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07/17/17 2:29 PM GMT
Probably 16:9 images. Although, I've been submitting 3:2 images, because I like that ratio better, and it's native to my camera.
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Timothy J. Warren | My homepage | My Gallery | My Lens Collection
07/17/17 6:47 PM GMT
StatCounter Global Stats | "Screen Resolution Stats Worldwide - June 2017"

And if you desired, you could correlate the visitors by country to the site here as well, to determine the most 'common' resolution for the Caedes Membership.

... ...

"I have had a few members notify me that they had downloaded one of my images, but were altering its dimensions to better fit their monitor screen."


And here I thought that the site automatically did so, when presenting 'your' (speaking generally here) images/photos full-size to the viewer.


I would have clarified with those that had contacted you as to what exactly was done to make your images 'better fit their screens'.

And again.. me?

I make my images in my native resolution which is uncommon, that I do know.. 1920 X 1200.
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07/18/17 4:47 AM GMT
Many thanks to the brave few who answered (bows)!

Timothy, so ... middle of the road 16:9 would be 1920x1080. That might be doable. At my normal 1680x1050, I'm probably not far off of a comfortable adjustable size from that, as is though.

purmusic's link (thank you!) suggests that 1366x768 is most commonly used. (Scratches head ...) That seems like an odd size to me.

purmusic, I remember when caedes used to offer a choice of screen size options for download, but I no longer see that available (and haven't for some time time now). I have to download whatever size the image is when it's "full-sized". So ... dunno what that's about?

Also, my apologies. I didn't save the personal messages from the folks to be able to provide you their specific alterations. I didn't really pay it much heed, as I frequently tweak wallpapers to better fit my screen, too. As I recall, they were shaving some off, but ... (shrugs?)

My only real thought at the time was, I wonder what the best base size should be for a caedes upload? Hence, here we be!

Looks at purmusic ... 1920x1200? (Whistles) Big! Lucky you!! :)

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07/18/17 11:34 AM GMT
I tend to think smaller measurements would be best so it will at least sit in the middle... but 1366x768 seems too limited a maximum, and would frustrate those with bigger screens.

My iPad 4 uses 2048x1536.

To complicate matters, there are parallax wallpapers on some devices. I copied the following notes for myself in 2013 (so the information isn't cutting edge):

Here's the suggested size for parallax wallpapers by device (WxH):

iPhone 5/5C/5S: 1,040x1,536
iPhone 4S: 1,040x1,360
iPad (third and fourth gen): 1,936x2,448
iPad Mini: 1,168x1,424
iPod Touch (fifth gen): 1,040x1,536

I tend to ignore those notes, though... any wallpaper fits the iPad, regardless of resolution.

I'm not sure any of this helps. :-P
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07/18/17 2:37 PM GMT
The iPad is a 3:2 image ratio, most new computer screens are 16:9 (including 4K displays, and the oddball 1366x768). Older LCD screens were usually 16:10 (1680x1050, 1920x1200).

My recommendation would be to just pick a ratio, and upload as large as you can. Since the limit here is 3200px, I tend to aim for that on the longer side of the photo.
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Timothy J. Warren | My homepage | My Gallery | My Lens Collection
07/19/17 7:07 PM GMT
"purmusic, I remember when caedes used to offer a choice of screen size options for download, but I no longer see that available (and haven't for some time time now). I have to download whatever size the image is when it's "full-sized". So ... dunno what that's about?"

Can't quite recall the time when things changed to that of the site offering only one 'size', based off of the viewer's monitor's native resolution.

Speculating on the change..

Less wear and tear on the server in having to crunch and offer up whatever was decided by the viewer. Less disk space consumption.

That said and aside..

Tim above makes a good good point. But, I would add in a cautionary note of not necessarily uploading up to the largest limits that the site affords.. since, you are only making the rippers nefarious tasks easier.

And.. more importantly.. since this all boils down to quality.. upload in png/PNG format, as opposed to jpg/JPG format. From the "Image Upload" page:

"Use PNG format for better quality."
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07/19/17 7:16 PM GMT
timw4mail: "Older LCD screens were usually 16:10 (1680x1050, 1920x1200)."


Noooo.. moar better!

... ...

In all seriousness, the extra screen real estate is great when you are working in Photoshop, juggling files and and.. .
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07/20/17 1:22 AM GMT
Good info all around! (Passes everyone a plate of fresh, still warm from the oven, melt in your mouth, chocolate chip cookies)

I guess that variety has become the spice of life and monitors. With desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, screen size is relative to your hardware and personal preference. There are no real, one size fits all standards anymore.

Soooo .......

I have decided that I will continue to submit uploads that are based on my own desktop ratio, BUT I will offer to resize my future submissions for anyone who needs something different for a good fit.

Not sure what else to do? I can't see making desktop art that I can't put on my own desktop. And it should be fairly simple to resize for others in most cases.

We'll see if anyone takes me up on it.

Thanks again!! :)

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07/20/17 1:26 AM GMT
purmusic, explain your "rippers nefarious tasks" comment, would you pretty please?
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07/20/17 6:39 PM GMT
Oops.. guess I was too cryptic with that remark.

Simply put, Lisa..

I was trying to make the point that if 'you' upload the largest sized image possible (dimension wise on the note of pixels).. rippers can and usually target those images.

And rippers being.. those that steal other people's art and images.

Some rippers are innocent enough.. in that they download 'your' image and then reupload it to their blog, personal webpage or whatever.

Some, however.. will use 'your' art to sell other stuff.. like printed on items such as handbags, mousepads, t-shirts, etc.. if not directly as a print itself.
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07/20/17 6:40 PM GMT
"I have decided that I will continue to submit uploads that are based on my own desktop ratio, BUT I will offer to resize my future submissions for anyone who needs something different for a good fit."

Prudent move and quite gracious of you as well to offer that to the membership.
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07/22/17 11:18 AM GMT
And.. my apologies to anyone that might have been reading along in this discussion and made it to my post/comment about rippers.. and gasped; "oh, no!"

My point still stands that I don't think it is necessarily advisable to upload the absolute largest size afforded by the site here.

But.. but.. when it comes to someone stealing your art and making/selling prints?

No.. worries, really.

Since 'you' (speaking generally here) are uploading images at 72 pixels/inch resolution. And professional quality images require 300 pixels/inch resolution.

At the largest upload size of 3200 X 3200 pixels for the site.. the size of print at professional quality would come in at near the 8 X 10 mark.

Which limits things substantially for the rippers, insofar as selling prints are concerned.
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07/23/17 12:27 AM GMT
I assumed that was what you meant by "rippers" ... although I suppose in this day and age, knife wielding madmen also wouldn't be out of the question. :)

Thank you for taking the time to comment, purmusic.
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07/31/17 1:39 AM GMT
".. knife wielding madmen also wouldn't be out of the question.. ."

Ahh, so you've seen me around a block of cheese, then.

... ...

Holy crapperz.. my cheese cutting methods need an update!
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08/01/17 2:08 AM GMT
(Sneaks two crackers, a slice of cheddar, and a slice of mozzarella off the tray)

(Crunch crunch crunch)
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08/01/17 11:55 PM GMT
(*throws a grape at Lisa.. hides behind the couch*)
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08/02/17 3:52 AM GMT

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08/02/17 10:38 AM GMT
"And it was quite the game, Jim. From what we heard from Coach Belichick in your exclusive interview with him, this just might be their season to win. Turning to the weather.. "

"Hang on folks, just now getting a message from our producer. We are going to go live to the press conference that everyone has been waiting on and will return afterwards with the local weather. Carol? You there?"

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08/02/17 4:10 PM GMT
I'm a little worried by Canadian news...?
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