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Sometimes it seems like years have gone by since we were allowed to be out of our dwellings. Thought I would use this for the movie Quarantine and Saturday Night At The Movies.. Perhaps I have exaggerated my plight a tad.


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05/05/20 9:16 PM GMT
"Sometimes it seems like years have gone by since we were allowed to be out of our dwellings" - not for me Tick. Crossing the Atlantic or Pacific (which I had to do often) especially in winter facing those huge waves - that was when I used to feel the longing to step ashore in some port.
Nice photo to suit the theme "Quarantine".

We are now almost free. From tomorrow.shops and parks etc. will be open . In Hamburg with a population of 1.8 million there were only 3 new infections yesterday.
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05/05/20 9:37 PM GMT
Great idea for SNATM and very timely given our current situation...I know, it does feel like a long time since we could live normally...great textures here...I have also seen this film and have recently watched another one called Contagion, as if we don't already see enough virus coverage :)...thanks, Tick.
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05/05/20 9:42 PM GMT
Wonderful editing on this Tick - we have a new plan announced by the governor today dividing the state in 4 regions with the plan having 5 phases to complete reopening. I'm sure the northeastern quadrant will be the last to reopen so I expect to be cooped up a while longer.
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05/05/20 9:43 PM GMT
Our quarantine is housebound 4-5 days a week...then a few hours shopping..we try to sneak in a local walk or two....
I have bunions on me backside with sitting at my 'puter for so long....
Good one for the movie stuff..
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05/05/20 11:13 PM GMT
I'm sure it fits the movie, Tick, but you know what came to my mind was the fairy tale Rip Van Winkle when I saw that old door. I hope that doesn't apply to us.
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When fear comes to me I will stubbornly choose Faith Instead!!!!
05/06/20 7:29 AM GMT
Can only imagine what it may look like inside. Nice play of opposing lines and textures. I see your golfer is playing out of the rough. I have a lot of experience in doing that. lol.
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05/06/20 8:42 AM GMT
The virus itself is bad enough, plus this quarantine? Disaster. But great work, Tick.
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05/06/20 9:55 AM GMT
Owd Fella Tick (OFT), I checked-out your first link and saw the trailer for this horror movie.
The writer of the script was far-sighted, on the understanding that I hope he was wrong about the outcome. Nevertheless, we aren't yet rid of the Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic as long as there is no effective drug against it. Hope gives life, unlike the movie.
Perfect representation for the SNATM-theme (🎥).
Again very well chosen and done, 👍!
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05/06/20 11:44 AM GMT
Great job on the editing for this one Tick, turned out great. tigz=^..^=
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Nature in all her glory is my uplift on life and so is my love of photography. sandi ♪ ♫
05/06/20 1:14 PM GMT
Looks like you've locked your self securely in this old place. A great find.
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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera. ~Lewis Hine The Earth without art is just 'eh'.
05/06/20 4:54 PM GMT
Like, WHOA! Never saw this one...You've got one up on me!

Looks a little bit like a series of videogames I've played in the past (There was a movie of the same name released in 2002)...

Good one, Cap'n...Faved
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05/06/20 6:40 PM GMT
Whatever happens looks like you are safe behind that door. But the bar is at the top of the door on the outside. But what does that mean????
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05/06/20 7:13 PM GMT
Oh my, really like the results on this old wooden door
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05/10/20 4:54 AM GMT
I love this and the mystery of what lies beyond this door!
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