Happy Mother's Day 2020  

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Uploaded: 05/09/20 4:43 PM GMT
Happy Mother's Day 2020
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I want to wish all the Mother's a Happy Mother's Day. It has been an unusual year to say the least, and one we will never forget. Condolences to those who lost their Mother's during this Pandemic which continues to claim lives worldwide. If our leaders had the wisdom of our Mother's, they would know how to serve and protect.

This photo contains the card I purchased for my mother. It is 16 in x 24 in. It opens up to 32 in x 16 in. I am still not able to visit my mother in the Nursing Home. I will take the card to the Nursing Home and they will disinfect it and give it to her. The Lilac's are from our bush and I picked them for my wife. They are sitting on a China Cabinet that belonged to my Mother and Father. The wallpaper in the background is a wall in our house that my wife wallpapered. The pitcher is just a pitcher. If I can, I will take some Lilacs to my mother, but I doubt they will let me. Enjoy your day tomorrow.


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05/09/20 6:28 PM GMT
A beautiful and very large card with all those flowers including the one on the wall. A great pity that you couldn't deliver it personally to your mother. This is happening all over the world on this day Tick.
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05/09/20 6:52 PM GMT
This is a truly lovely post Tick - I know your mother will appreciate the card - I got my mom a yellow calla lily plant yesterday as she loves calla lilies.
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05/09/20 7:42 PM GMT
This is such an endearing capture. Lovely to view and your words are so very meaningful with understanding and love. These are the emotions that build strong bonds and give us strength.
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05/09/20 11:33 PM GMT
You did a wonderful job of composing this photo set. Your Mother will be very happy with this thoughtful gift.
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05/10/20 12:20 AM GMT
This is so lovely, and hearfelt, thank you Tick, and sorry that your not able to visit with your mother. tigz=^..^=
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05/10/20 1:44 AM GMT
This is a really good one, Tick. I better not show it to my wife or I could get a pop on the head. I did well but this is way over the top. I wish you could give it to your mom in person, Tick.
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05/10/20 8:52 AM GMT
You said it all in your comment...A difficult year for all...

God willing we will overcome all this.

Give your Mom a big 'Geordie' hug from me when you are able to visit!
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05/10/20 9:48 AM GMT
Owd Fella Tick (OFT), this is a fine, heartfelt and appropriate tribute and wonderful gift to all the mothers of countries that are celebrating Mother's Day today, especially in these difficult times because of the Covid-19 (Corona) pandemic.
My thought and prayers are with the mothers in the Nursing/Elderly homes who can't receive a visit on this special day from their (grand)children due to the restrictive measures.
Hope that this 'cruel' situation can be ended in a responsible way soon.
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05/10/20 11:20 AM GMT
What a beautiful tribute, Tick.
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05/10/20 10:53 PM GMT
Very nice creation, Cap'n...Faved
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