Palais Kinsky  

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Palais Kinsky
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Palais Kinsky is a baroque palace in Vienna. It was originally built for Wirich Philipp Graf Daun, the garrison commander whose son Leopold Josef Graf Daun became a field marshall of empress Maria Theresia. It was later bought by the Kinsky family, is therefore sometimes known as Palais Daun-Kinsky. The palace underwent renovation in the late 1990ís and was restored to its former state. The palace is used for auction events, houses shops and a restaurant. It is used for the final-status negotiations between Serbian and Kosovo Albanians in EU-sponsored peace-talks. This is an image of its inner yard.


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04/08/07 7:16 AM GMT
Hey nice photo! I like the lights inside the central window :)
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04/08/07 8:03 AM GMT
Great job on this one but Sabine Your posts only get better if that is possible. I to like the light in the central windo and the angle of this is very nice. You have such grand buildings in your city. <> ♥:)sandi♥
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I really enjoy hearing from my caedes friends.
04/08/07 12:50 AM GMT
I have to agree with the above posts, especially about the lights. ;-)
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Well, I think that I have the "bugs" out of this computer. I am using a new (to me) version of PE3 thanks for waiting & I'll try and post more often now. ;-) Steve
04/08/07 2:38 PM GMT
Marvelous work, Sabine.
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Look around and catch it ; the Art is there !
04/08/07 3:28 PM GMT
Extremely well taken and the history is fascinating, Sabine. Makes me wonder if any of these marvelous old palaces and places are used for private residential space anymore.

♫ :)PJ ♪

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"If it makes you cry, it goes in the show." Annie Leibovitz (photographer 1949 - )
04/08/07 4:10 PM GMT
beautiful architecture Sabine and what strike me is just how clean it all is in Vienna. As much as I liked Prague, the one thing that disappointed me there was the graffiti on the beautiful old buildings. Do you find that in Vienna at all?
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04/08/07 4:25 PM GMT
love the symmetry in this picture
Vienna is definitely on my list of cities to visit.. i just love old buildings !
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04/08/07 4:34 PM GMT
Great angle, the building is very beautiful, fantastic work.
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What doesn't kill us makes us stronger
04/08/07 5:36 PM GMT
great shot with a beautiful soft colored building and you even have the light of inside on the picture, very well done Sabine:))
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laughter is the best medicine.
04/08/07 5:48 PM GMT
What a neat and awesome looking building! I would love to see the inside of it too! I think I see a big chandalier hanging in the center window? Very nice capture Sabine! C):-)
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04/08/07 6:40 PM GMT
Sabine - its centered, and the lines are exactly as they are supposed to be. Good Job. As always the detail is self evident. Do more please.
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While trying to create good pictures, I feel as if I am standing on the edge of Insanity. There is a door. I found myself knocking on the door. The door opened.. . . I was knocking from the inside. Oh Rats!
04/09/07 1:39 PM GMT
Beautiful architecture Sabine and another great history lesson from you. Good compositon and DOF on this.
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"A good photograph is knowing where to stand"-Ansel Adams
04/09/07 6:59 PM GMT
Beautiful picture..very good angle..interesting informations..Thanks , Sabine !! :))
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04/09/07 10:29 PM GMT
beautiful lines and details on this , thanks for the information too!
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04/10/07 2:43 AM GMT
I love the perspective you used here, it makes for a fantastic composition. Thanks for the great history too:)
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04/11/07 7:23 PM GMT
very very nice presentation, everything is so sharp and proffecional. Lovely composition.
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04/13/07 8:55 PM GMT
Ohhh i do like this shot with those pastel colors, what a pleasant sight for the eyes.
Good one again Sabine.
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